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Hello folks,

Hope you’ve had a great start so far early in this year. I am excited to be writing and sharing some ideas and inspiration with you. If your mind has been a bit restless, or you are feeling overwhelmed from the stress of your responsibilities and the demand of the world, I would like to let you know what I’ve recently learned about, because I’ve often neglected this aspect of my life for a long time.

I am very much an idea person. I have many ideas that I write down or happen to come to my mind at random times, like waking early in the morning to what seems to be an “aha” moment to a current problem I wanted to find a solution to or have thought hard about. It’s not uncommon for these occurrences to happen. However, psychology has documented many examples to describe this, often called the Incubation period.

These are exciting moments if you’re like me, and the rush of euphoria and satisfaction comes shortly after. This may be something that keeps you motivated to keep going and tackling more complex problems because you’re confident you’ll “make it happen” by a particular timeline or at least an idea of when.

I want to say this is a good thing, but I also encourage you to take the time to reflect, observe and take notes to see if this behavior follows a pattern and what those results were in the past. This is an important step that will help you discover more about your strengths and areas where you may need improvement in your problem-solving strategy. Discovering the whole truth of oneself takes time, persistence, and a good portion of grace to accept reality in many cases while building your self-confidence. In my opinion, time is one, if not our most precious asset that we desire to work in our favor. So I encourage you to be patient in your journeys as innovators and stay motivated, and trust that time is on your side!

All the best,


Chaance T. Graves
Chaance T. Graves
Systems Engineer

I’m a creative engineer and open source enthusiast. The objective of my portfolio/blog is to inspire all things involved in STEAM.

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