Jupyter notebook for mapping real-time ISS location

👉🏾 Check the Github repo for any updates: https://github.com/ctg123/iss-api-map

This notebook is a built-in Jupyter notebook in Jupyterlab and conda environment. The example will walkthrough interacting with a real-time API tracking the location of the International Space Station. You can collect and save your own data in this example.

Conda environment with environment.yml


A Binder-compatible repo with an environment.yml file.

Access this Binder by clicking the blue badge above or at the following URL:



The environment.yml file should list all Python libraries on which your notebooks depend, specified as though they were created using the following conda commands:

conda activate example-environment
conda env export --from-history -f environment.yml

Note that the only libraries available to you will be the ones specified in the environment.yml, so be sure to include everything that you need!

Also, note that if you skip the --from-history, conda may include OS-specific packages in environment.yml, which you would have to manually prune from environment.yml.

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